The Power Of The Workforce

Are you planning to employ foreigners? Are you interested in employee leasing? Are you looking for employees from Ukraine? Employment of a foreigner can be a good solution for companies that require the engagement of vast numbers of employees. Legal work in Poland for employees from Ukraine and other Eastern European countries is possible. Team Power is work in Poland for foreigners – work for Ukrainians, Moldavians and Uzbeks.

We guarantee our clients an increase in flexibility, productivity, and profitability of the business thanks to introducing solutions that decrease employment costs and eliminate the necessity of spending time on recruitment of job candidates.

Team Power’s Offer:

  • recruitment


  • outsourcing of employment

    outsourcing of employment

  • legalization of labor

    legalization of labor

  • legalization of residence

    legalization of residence

  • accommodation


  • training and implementation

    training and implementation

  • supervision and support

    supervision and support