Team Power is a company that provides professional services in the employment market. We provide complex support for companies that seek professionals from countries such as Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Moldavia. The reliable and efficient recruitment of employees from Ukraine and other Eastern European countries is not a problem for us. We provide professional support – outsourcing of processes associated with the legalization of labor and residency of foreigners in Poland. In addition, we offer systemic support for administration of employed foreigners based on our own innovative program “TP Workforce”, which is characterized by numerous functional advantages, facilitating and automating the entirety of personal and administrative matters.

Industry specializations of Team Power:

  • Wood industry

    wood industry (i.a. production of furniture, floors, joinery)

  • Logistics

    logistics (storage and transport)

  • Site services

    site services, recycling, and others

  • Food production

    food production (i.a. meat, dairy, fish processing plants)

  • Heavy industry

    heavy industry (i.a. production of automotive parts)

  • Construction

Team Power is a reliable partner.
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